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[VID]Zn-2-Using ZnLogEvents and GT Tools to look at HTTP traffic behind Monticello.mp42015-08-29 19:45 9.7M 
[VID]Zn-1-ZnLogEvents.mp42015-08-29 19:44 7.6M 
[VID]Versionner - Dependency management for Pharo (Part 1_2).mp42015-08-29 19:44 31M 
[VID]Versionner - Commit tool for Pharo (Part 2_2).mp42015-09-01 15:06 29M 
[VID]Using NeoConsole-Pharo-REPL.mp42015-08-29 19:39 20M 
[VID]Pharo on Raspberry Pi.mp42015-08-29 19:36 6.9M 
[VID]Pharo Seaside - Looking at HTTP Traffic.mp42015-08-29 19:37 10M 
[DIR]Gesture Recognisers/2016-05-10 11:10 -  
[VID]GT Spotter.mp42015-08-29 19:35 4.9M 
[VID]GT Inspector for Pharo.mp42015-08-29 19:33 7.0M 
[VID]GT Inspector.mp42015-08-29 19:34 10M 
[VID]GT Exploring a Postgres database with the GTInspector.mp42015-08-29 19:32 68M 
[VID]Deployment-Ephemeric cloud Quick Start.mp42015-08-29 19:25 6.4M 
[VID]Athens at work.mp42015-08-29 19:25 68M 

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